About MAAN

MAAN is motivated by the strong desire to provide cost-effective alternatives for dispute resolution of maritime disputes in Nigeria through arbitration and other ADR methods.

The membership of MAAN include persons who are ready, willing and able to serve as arbitrators in disputes arising out of all aspects of maritime/shipping, trade and offshore energy related activities including carriage of goods, carriage of passengers, ship building, operation management agent, ship casualties, bunkering and marine insurance.

Maritime Arbitrators Association of Nigeria is registered under part C of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (with amongst other objectives) the aim to advance and encourage professional knowledge of maritime arbitration in Nigeria and to ensure the development of Nigeria as a resource for arbitration in dispute resolution. MAAN was conceived by practitioners that have attained distinction and expertise in arbitration and maritime law in Nigeria. Following its conception and incorporation in 2005 its executive council has acted as a steering body for the establishment of the associations’ ethos and structures. The council is committed to ensuring that MAAN maintains internationally accepted standards and best practices with local expertise. MAAN is borne out of the essential need to offer Nigeria as an alternative resource and venue following recent developments in the industry and the growing cost of arbitration in foreign countries and the pressure on the litigation system to deliver timely solutions.

It is a membership organization open to industry practitioners; service providers; consumers of arbitration services and all stakeholders at large. It maintains a roll of MAAN arbitrators and a list of MAAN experts/assessors individual experts who have shown an intention and preparedness to offer their services for effective dispute resolution- thus, making MAAN the only association of experts on Maritime Arbitration, in Nigeria.

Our Mission & Vision

To become a worldwide recognized leader in commercial maritime dispute resolution by supporting and facilitating domestic and international arbitration and promoting Nigeria as a venue for the settlement of maritime disputes through arbitration and ADR.

Our Objectives

Mindful of the need for expeditious and efficient means of dispute resolution in commercial matters;


To enlighten the general public and stakeholders in the maritime industry about arbitration and ADR as a viable alternative to litigation


To promote the choice of the Maritime Arbitrators Association of Nigeria as the basis of arbitration in the Nigerian maritime industry and the international maritime community and to negotiate to seek language in contracts to include provision for "MAAN Arbitration" and "MAAN Rules to apply" as the preferred option for parties.