Note: These rules apply only to claims in excess of N2,000,001 or US$15,000. For Claims of N2,000,000 and below, or their equivalent in US Dollars, please refer to the Rules of the Small Claims Arbitration Scheme of the Maritime Arbitrators Association of Nigeria, as applicable.

The purpose of arbitration according to these rules is to obtain the fair resolution of maritime and other related disputes by an impartial tribunal without unnecessary delay or expense. The arbitrators at all times are under a duty to act fairly and impartially between the parties.


Article 1

1. Where parties have agreed in writing to arbitrate disputes under these Arbitration Rules or have provided for arbitration of a dispute by the Maritime Arbitrators Association of Nigeria (“the Association”) without designating particular rules, or whenever a dispute is referred to a sole arbitrator or arbitrators who are members of the Association, the arbitration shall take place in accordance with these rules, as in effect at the date of commencement of the arbitration, subject to whatever modifications the parties may adopt in writing.

2. These rules govern the arbitration, except that, where any such rule is in conflict with any provision of the law applicable to the arbitration from which the parties cannot derogate, the provision shall prevail.

3. These rules specify the duties and responsibilities of the Maritime Arbitrators Association of Nigeria. The Association may provide services through its own facilities or through the facilities of arbitral institutions with which it has agreements of cooperation.

4. Any function required to be performed by the Association under these rules shall be performed by the President for the time being of the Association, or where he/she cannot act, by the Vice-President or such other member of the Executive Council of the Association as he/she may designate. All notices, request or information required to be given under these rules to the Association shall be addressed to the President of the Association.